How a bunk bed can bring the Gospel of Jesus

This is a post from our Instagram account. I wanted to add a personal note to it so you can understand why we are pushing so hard to raise funds for Agape in Action on this campaign.

This is one of the families that I personally was able to build a bed for along with the Agape in Action staff member, Andres.

As we were painting the bed with the family, Andres asked them if they go to church. When they said "no", Andres asked why. At that point, Andres handed me his paint and proceeded to share the Gospel with this family and invited them to begin following Jesus. I don't think they said yes at that time, but I know the Agape in Action team will be following up along with the local pastor.

The building and providing of a bed was a solution to a physical need, but it also allowed the Gospel to enter into a home that was previously resistant.

This is why we are partnering with Agape in Action to purchase a new ultrasound machine. The medical clinics established previously in this community allowed an opening for family's to learn of Jesus. #Gospel

It isn’t just a piece of medical equipment. It is a tool that leads to full healing; body and spirit. Please consider giving at