The Katy Podcast is coming soon.

We believe in community.

We believe in storytelling.

The 25 Group was organized in Katy, Texas — and Katy is still the community we call home. As we continue to serve our city, one of the ways we wanted to step up was by shining a light on our neighbors who are doing beautiful work in our area.

The Katy Podcast is a production of The 25 Group. It’s our way of saying “thanks” to our community for it’s generosity, support, and service. Whether it’s by dishing out a great breakfast plate, offering a caring touch to a sick immigrant, or by serving as an educator or coach, there are so many quality people doing important work in our region.

So instead of promoting ourselves, we want to tell their stories.

Production is underway. We’re connecting the community online. We’re looking forward to a June launch and much, much more in the months to come.

For now? Join us on Facebook and help spread the word.

We’ll be wherever you get your podcasts in May with a teaser & trailer, with full episodes to follow in June.