Biblical Justice Internship

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We love helping spread the gospel overseas

 But we’re not content with just raising and giving money away. We want to inspire a deeper way of living for Christian college graduates in America. That’s why we are offering our Biblical Justice Internship. This internship will launch young adults into their careers with a Christ-centered focus on shining light in their communities and through their chosen vocation.

The basic idea:

  • Interns relocate to Houston, Texas

  • Committing to a semester or two-semester long experience

  • 30 hours/week will be spent working within various nonprofit organizations in Houston that are serving the least of these

  • An additional 2-4 hours will be spent in personal or communal discipleship experiences

  • Retreats, required reading, and a variety of worship and learning experiences are provided

  • Interns receive free housing and a $250/month stipend

  • Interns are permitted to hold other jobs within the community if needed and hours of service are flexible, or simultaneously take college courses. It is recommended that these commitments not exceed 20 hours per week.

  • Each intern will receive 1-on-1 discipleship with a mentor

  • Potential areas of service include: homeless ministry, human trafficking, ministry to refugees, medicine, non-profit administration, social media & design, & more

  • The cost of the experience is $1250 for a semester and $2500 for two semesters


  • Applicants must possess a sincere, growing faith in Jesus Christ

  • Interns must be 21 or older at the beginning of their internship experience. Prefer recent college grad

  • Applicants must complete an application, provide three references, and participate in an interview process before being accepted.

  • Half the fee must be paid before the beginning of the experience, with the balance being paid midway through.

Ready to join us? Apply now or contact us to talk more about it.