Not every church is a mega church

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We get it,

Your church is vibrant. The congregation loves Jesus and loves others. But you are not affiliated with a denominational mission board which makes it difficult to know where to direct your missions and outreach giving. And while your church does not have the ability to give thousands a month to missions, you are still looking for a way to impact the world through the financial means that you have been entrusted with.

We don’t have any issue with mega churches because we see God using churches of all shapes and sizes to see His Great Commission fulfilled. We do however, believe that there are thousands of house churches and young church plants in the USA that can become another powerful force in missions by collaborating together in finances.

You want to obey Jesus’ commands to help the least of these.

We want to partner with your church. Let’s work together to provide your church family with a way to be a part of a bigger project. By joining our movement of individuals and churches committing to give $25/month your congregation can be part of big gifts being given to worthy ministries. In a sense, our team can operate as your missions committee and together we can celebrate our Lord multiplying little gifts into big impact!

Contact us and let us know of your interest to get involved with making #LessLeastofThese.