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When you can’t see the needs in front of your face, it doesn’t seem real. But there is flesh and bone on both sides of a charitable donation. Once you’ve held a hungry child in your arms or befriended someone who wasn’t like you it’s hard to ignore their needs any longer. We are a community more than an organization. We have partners more than we have donors.

With $25 a month, we can change lives together. Click the “Give Now” button below to sign up to give regularly. Thanks in advance.

We’re real people, doing our best to do the right thing. College kids and retirees, single moms and six digit salary earners, the one thing we share is a commitment to do what we can to make an impact. We’re not super heroes. We’re regular people working hard to spread some love around.

We’re practicing real generosity, often just a few dollars at a time. Most of our donors contribute less than $50 each month. But the community’s collective generosity pays off. No one of us can do the work we are about alone. Together — over 200 donors and climbing — we can. Indeed, we already are.

We’re seeing real transformation already. In one year we raised over $73,000 together. That was enough to build a school, fund a nutrition center, drill a well, purchase over 300,000 vitamins, and provide emergency aid to ISIS victims in Iraq. This is not a fly-by-night charity. In our second year, we’ve already donated over $35,000 to projects in the United States, Dominican Republic, and Kenya. Your regular gift of $25 per month will help us continue to do that well into the future.

We’re here for good.




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